Registered Managers Forum and Solihull Care Forum

It has been decided to hold the Registered Managers Forums and the Solihull Care Forums on the same day, this is to minimise the number of meetings that organisations have to attend each month. This gives an opportunity for those who wish to do so to attend both meetings.


Registered Managers Forum meeting

12.30pm - 2.00pm


Followed by the

Solihull Care Forum meeting

2.15pm - 4.15pm


The dates are:

15th February

19th April

21st June

16th August

18th October

13th December


The venue for all the above meetings will be:


West Warwickshire Sports Club

78 Grange Road

Solihull B91 1DA



SWICDA commissions training, events and workshops customised to meet your needs and the needs of your staff in the context of the current and on-going changes to Social Care.


We are committed to offering you quality training at a reasonable cost.


Call us on 0121 770 8915 or email us on to talk about your training and development needs for the year ahead.


We can advise you about the best way to meet your training and development needs and the training needs of your workforce.


The latest training programme is shown below.


SWICDA Training Programme

September to December 2017


All courses will be held at:

Solihull Care Limited, 81-83 Warwick Rd, Olton,

Solihull, B92 7HP unless otherwise stated.


To book or for further details about any of the courses’ aims and objectives, please contact Jo-Ann Webb on


or telephone: 0121 770 8915


Please note our cancellation policy:

The full cost of the course will apply for non attendance on the day unless seven days’ notice has been provided to SWICDA.


Download a Word copy of the Training Programme


September 2017

12 September 2017

Food Safety Level 2

Firm grasp of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved;

Understanding of how to control food safety risks (personal hygiene, food storage, cooking and handling);

Confidence and expertise to safely deliver quality food to customers.

From 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

SWICDA member price £51.00 per person including lunch

Non member price £56.00 per person including lunch


19 September 2017

Effective Person Centred Communication

Learning outcomes:

What is communication?

Person-centred communication

The role of communication

Best practice guidelines

Barriers to communication

Communication needs

Impact of effective communication


From 9.30-12.30 pm

SWICDA member price £20.00 per person

Non member price £25.00 per person


October 2017

10 October 2017

Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work PLUS (valid for 3 years)

The role of the first aider. Importance of preventing cross infection. The need for recording incidents and actions. Use of available equipment. Assessing the situation & act safely in an emergency. Administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. Administer first aid to a casualty who is: unconscious (including seizures)choking wounded or bleeding suffering from shock Provide appropriate first aid for Minor Injuries (small cuts, grazes, bruises, minor burns, scalds & small splinters)


Additional Subjects

Administer first aid to a casualty who is suffering: heart attack,  stroke, head injury, fractures, burns & scalds


From 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

SWICDA member price £51.00 per person including lunch

Non member price £56.00 per person including lunch


17 October 2017

Person Centred Dementia Care
By the end of the workshop we will have explored the following:

What is Person centred dementia care?

Types and stages of dementia;

Communication in dementia;

Creating wellbeing with meaningful occupation;

Managing expressive behaviours;

Nutritional needs & social experience of mealtimes;

End stage dementia care


From 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

SWICDA member price £20.00 per person

Non member price £25.00 per person


31 October 2017

Stroke Awareness

Learning objectives: Stroke and TIA

Understand the definition of stroke and TIA

Have an awareness of risk factors that may lead to stroke/TIA

Be able to recognise when stroke or TIA has occurred, and how to respond

Understand the care needs following stroke or TIA

Understand the effects of stroke/TIA on emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being

Have an awareness of some of the special dietary needs that may be present after stroke or TIA

Understand the importance of person- hood and dignity in care following stroke/TIA

Understand the impact of altered Mental Capacity in relation to stroke and TIA

Be aware of some treatments used to prevent and treat stroke/TIA


From 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

SWICDA member price £31.00 per person

Non member price £36.00 per person


November 2017

9 November 2017

Managing People

Skills and qualities of leaders and managers

Why leadership is important in supporting both the care and management teams

Understanding styles of leadership

Understanding personality types within the workplace and building a team

Building and maintaining the “psychological contract” with staff for best outcomes

Gaining trust and respect

Understanding the use of objectives and expectations

The positive use of boundaries

Developing self- awareness and confidence in managing people

Prioritising and delegating, without abdicating responsibility


From 9.30 am - 1.30 pm

SWICDA member price £31.00 per person

Non member price £36.00 per person


14 November 2017

Fire Safety includes Fire Marshall

Fire Safety, Fire statistics, Fire Legislation, Action in the event of fire, Operation and types of fire alarms, Action upon hearing the fire alarm, Means of escape, General fire precautions, Smoke travel, Human behaviour in fire situations, Identifying hazards in the workplace, Liaison with the emergency services, The Theory of Fire Triangle of fire Classes of fire Methods of extinguishing fire Identification of fire extinguishers Operation of fire extinguishers Basic fire fighting techniques


From 9.30 am - 1.00 pm

SWICDA member price £40.00 per person lunch included

Non member price £45.00 per person lunch included


23 November 2017

Nutrition and Hydration

Learning objectives: nutrition and hydration

Understand the definition of nutrition

Have an awareness of what a healthy diet for an adult comprises

Have an awareness of who may become under/malnourished, and why

Understand the practical skills of eating, those who may need assistance and how to provide it

Have an awareness of some of the special diets that may be necessary to maintain health

Understand the importance of person- hood, capacity and dignity in nutrition and eating


From 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

SWICDA member price £31.00 per person

Non member price £36.00 per person


SWICDA’s TRAINING PROGRAMME September to December 2017






Solihull Care Forum and


Managers’ Forum.

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